Teach English in Ukraine

Where can jobs be found

You will find that to teach English in Ukraine, majority of jobs can be found within in language schools across Ukraine. Private and online tuition is a much smaller marker than its western counterparts such as the US. Teachers are normally required to hold at least 2 years experience along with a TEFL and a bachelor’s degree. The most well known international schools in Ukraine are Kyiv International School, Pechersk School International and Meridian International School. Outside of these schools teachers will require a bachelor’s degree and TEFL qualification.

When to apply

The school year starts in September therefore potential teachers should start applying in the Spring. A contract is usually 10 to 12 months long with some schools only accepting applications in person while others are open to Skype interviews.

Teachers can also volunteer

There are also opportunities to volunteer in Ukraine with companies such as GO Camp. They ensure volunteers are sent to all regions of Ukraine apart from Donetsk and Luhansk where there is conflict. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Young child studying in school


The salary teachers can expect is anywhere between $1000 and $3000 depending on the school however it must be noted the cost of living in Ukraine is very low. The average cost of a three course meal for two is around 18 dollars or 500 Ukrainian hryvnia at the time of writing.

Working Hours

You can expect to work up to 30 hours a week with additional time being spent on lesson preparation time.

Ukraine work permit

When planning to work in Ukraine you will need a visa, and a work permit from your employer. A residency permit is required for a stay longer than 90 days so ensure you apply for your visa well in advance.

Main cities to teach English in Ukraine

Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkiv are three largest cities in Ukraine and where you will find most English teaching jobs.

Kiev: The capital city of Ukraine and the 7th most populous in Europe (2.8) million. A city with great nightlife, restaurants, and some amazing architecture. Also home of the biggest shooting range in Europe.

Odessa: Odessa  is located on the coast and known for its beaches and amazing architecture. It was named after the ancient Greek city of Odessos.

Kharkiv: Kharkiv is located in the north east and is the second most populous city in Ukraine.  The city is home to Shevchenko Park which features botanic gardens and a zoo.


There is still some political unrest from Russia, so you must check on major news outlets before leaving. Before traveling to Ukraine check government travel authorities to ensure the political climate is suitable. American Government Travel Bureau



The main language is Ukrainian, many people also speak Russian but you can get by with English if you know neither. A lot of the young people will also speak English.

Top things to see in Ukraine

  • X-Park Ukraine – The largest Action, Adventure sports park.
  • Kiev Pechersk LavraA historic Orthodox Christian monastery which gave its name to one of the city districts where it is located in Kyiv.
  • National Art Museum of Ukraine  – The National Art Museum of Ukraine is a museum dedicated to Ukrainian art in Kiev, Ukraine.


When you aren’t teaching English in Ukraine you may want to relax or hangout with your colleges. Beer is cheap! The cost of beers in clubs is between 1 and 2 US dollars. The main days for nightlife are on the weekends. Weekday nights tend to be quite. Some venues to check out: Skybar, Coyote Ugly and Saxon club.


July and August are the hottest months but also the wettest. November to January are the winter months.


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